Automate your HR procedures

Save time by automating your HR processes, and instead focus on your HR strategy and people

All you need to manage your team in an all-in-one seamless solution

Time off

Manage absences with a complete customizable module. Total visibility about various absence types (including home office, parental leave, sick days, holidays…).

Unlimited Time off fields

Calendar with total visibility over absences

Automatic export to Google Calendar and Outlook

Unlimited accrual policies

Automatic calculation of remaining vacation days and carry over

Request for submission of medical certificates

Custom work schedules

Regional and custom holidays

Document management

Centralize document management and save time via customisable templates. You will be able to create contracts and certificates in only a few clicks. You can also request digital read receipts that will remain registered in the system.

Bulk upload of documents

Request read receipts

Digital Personnel File


Create your own on-boarding processes and involve other employees in the on-boarding process for new employees. You can automate tasks, emails and reminders. On-boarding and off-boarding processes can be set up according to time-based rules to be triggered automatically.

Unlimited on-boarding and off-boarding processes

Time-trigger-based On/Off-boarding processes

Automate and create email templates

Payroll & Compensation

Stay in control by keeping an overview of current or historic salary amendments. Simply export a consolidated mutation list or for example import payslips by bulk upload and assign to individuals within seconds.

Payroll preparation and export

Scheduling of salary changes

Compensation history

Employee Digital File

Manage and store personnel employee data in one place. Despite pre-built fields, customised data fields can be added, and you can allow employees to request changes in their profiles.

Private OrgOS account per employee

Employee self-service

Custom fields

Templates for employment contracts and confirmations

Unlimited personalised profiles

Employee history


Collect real-time data on how your workforce is doing via eNPS and engagement levels generated by automated Pulse Surveys. Drill down into the potential variables of interest or feedback received from employees and create custom development measures.

Pulse surveys

Anonymous feedback

Performance management


Generate reports in seconds instead of hours. OrgOS comes with pre-defined reports ready to use. Need more? Filter or group at will to visualise the data you’re looking for.

Org charts

Ready-to-use reports

Export function

How much time could you save in personnel management?